The Rooney Rule is a hot topic making its way in to English football. Without wishing to disparage its obviously honourable endeavour of affirmative action and equal opportunity, I am going to suggest that we amend it for the gambling industry. Yes, we ought to be doing more to attract women and minorities to our industry, but there needs to be an appeal for them to come. As things stand, we are in a PR shithole and that is largely thanks to the hard work of what appears to me to be a growing minority of dickheads who make dickhead decisions, which they likely do with the agreement of dickheads around them, such as:

which, for some reason quite inexplicable to the Dickheads at Fruity King Casino, landed them in hot water.

They weren’t finished being Dickheads yet though:

“ProgressPlay obtained a response from the brand operator, who believed that the tweet was by no means derogatory towards women. The brand operator stated that the image along with text “You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig” was not derogatory towards women and that the link to them was meant to refer to the TV show, in which the women in the photo appeared in, as a low quality programme. Therefore, the text referred to the show and not to the women themselves.”

It’s quite clear these muppets are trying their best to act like Dickheads. The fact that they can’t accept that, in reality, they truly are Dickheads, is beyond me. Some more examples of the Dickheadness:

These clowns should have their casino switched off ProgressPlay…
and then of course there was this – the Dickhead market leader:

(note this was the action of a dickhead affiliate and not Casumo)

So I urge all recruiters, agencies and hirers alike to adopt the Dickhead Rule alongside any equal opportunity efforts. Yes you should interview them, but only to reinforce the fact that they are dickheads and have no place in the industry we love. They should then be placed on an official Dickhead List (let’s white label the technology behind GAMSTOP #DICKHEADSTOP). Whittle these dickheads out and build a more attractive place for all sensible people to work.


Finding our humanity in the face of terror

The emotion one cannot help but feel is pain with every terrorist bomb that explodes, but I have to say the overall state of my mind is confusion on how we deal with the mass migration of people to Europe from Syria. The humanity in me says of course: the suffering these people are enduring is beyond compare. Care for them both emotionally and physically before their lives are taken either by the violent arm of Islamism, in its name or by the ironic bombs that will rain down on them in retaliation (or provocation, depending on where your confused mind sits).

But, it is evident that in opening up our hearts and homes to refugees, there is a clear and present danger that infecting their hapless throngs is a group of cancerous, verminous vultures preying on the very essence of our humanity. A cancer eating away at our emotions shifting us away from all that is right, all that is good and all that offers our generation the opportunity to prove that we are truly are the first generation citizens of the world and in to the clutches of self-preservation, isolationism, border entrenchment and right wing extremism of our own that echo the state of the world 80-100 years ago.

That is not a world I would like us to be again.

The terrorists are out to destroy the world we’re in by imposing so-called Islamic State’s hardcore interpretation of Sharia law. Their view is that there will come a Judgement Day. It is certainly too far fetched to envisage Western ideals and all other forms of religion ever being in the appalling position where this would become reality, but I will say this. The day of judgement is nigh. It will not be a pitched battle somewhere in the Syrian desert, but in the hearts and minds of each and every one of us. Do we continue in the pursuit of making the world a better place or do we shy away from it to supposedly protect ourselves?

It’s easy to look to the politicians we elect (or don’t in the case of the EU) to take care of this dilemma. However, they as human beings are posed with the same complex battle of emotion and the tried and trusted pillars of our democracies and constitutions are designed around rational thought, not emotions – and this is allowing for the rise of the Trumps, the Le Pens and the Petrys in countries where the learnings of the lessons of the past really should be entrenched in the conscience of citizens. The rise of the ‘us and them’ bandwagon is a victory for ISIS. It validates their atrocities and will only serve to create more. I already find myself wondering why I emotionally care more about a bomb that goes off in Brussels or Paris than I do about one that goes off in Turkey. I despise this feeling and it is a feeling that islamic extremism has placed there and I want it gone.

There may be no negotiation we, or they, are prepared to entertain – and it may be in this case that the only solution is an escalation of hostilities on the ground to push ISIS’ momentum back to where it was in the last century. However, we should be doing that in the name of the world, not nations. We should be doing it in the knowledge that in doing so, we will only foster that hatred of the West and all it stands for among Islamic extremists, whether they are above or below the ground for the foreseeable future. But let’s make it ‘The World’ rather that the West and let the world stand for good.

So, the answer is this. Embrace the refugees in their millions. Facilitating this will not be easy or at all comfortable. It will cost money. Money you have either earned or are entitled to. It will mean refugees taking homes built by national taxpayers, for citizens of that nation. It will mean them benefitting financially at the initial expense of those who unquestionably need that support locally. Frankly, this embrace will suck for many millions of people across the world – it may very well leave many homeless and hungry. It will not stop the terrorist bombings in the short term, or forever, so we will have to sacrifice non-military lives to make this happen, which is beyond frightening. And all of these arguments will be driven home by right wing politicians until, I’m sure of it, they are elected to lead some countries to provide further validations of extremism. But it will make the world we live in, both emotionally and physically, human again and it is that essence that must remain in all of us or else, frankly, what is the point? What do we fundamentally leave behind for future generations?

Demonstrate the love and the warmth that we are fortunate enough to have in the part of the world which we are lucky enough to inhabit. Shake off the effect of terrorist bombings. Move forwards, not back.

My Thoughts on the Scottish Referendum

I’ve watched in on the Scottish independence debate in disbelief from a relatively long distance down in the South-East corner of England. I’ve never really considered myself a Unionist or a Royalist. I enjoy the best bits of being English and the best bits of being British, and occasionally, just as the next man or woman, I find it all too easy to become English or southern when fingers need (or don’t need) pointing to attribute national problems. That’s part and parcel of living in the most multi-cultural, multi-racial country in the world, a united country built in the age of empire with an ever-evolving, yet previously inconceivably strong identity that has been fostered through the most extreme adversities that came as a result.

What is clear to me is this: the United Kingdom as it was is now dead. Its demise began with the decision to devolve power to Edinburgh. This gave unreasonable, illogical credence to Alex Salmond’s petulant verbal bashing of the English. Whatever the outcome of Thursday’s referendum, the ties that have bound the England, Scotland and Wales together for 307 years (and Northern Ireland more recently) have been irrevocably cut by the actions of politicians of all party persuasions in this farce of a referendum.

The debate of freedom has centred all too much on economics. If the Scottish want to be independent it should be because there is no price on freedom; Jock Bloggs from Elgin saving £100, or €112, on his gas bill being pushed forward as the principle thinking behind his vote to stay part of the UK is the final slap British politicians can lay to the face of the once admired democratic franchise of the United Kingdom – something our great-grandfathers through to their great-grandfathers gave their lives to build and defend. As for Scotland’s Prime Minister-elect Salmond, his diatribe comparing the prospect of Scottish independence with black South Africans ending Apartheid. Well, no words are required. The relative lack of bite in the strong-willed opinion of the once infamous regional and national press and media corps hammering the way this referendum has been structured and campaigned over has been flabbergasting.

Whatever the result, the lasting fallout of the referendum ought to be for the people of the United Kingdom to wake up and redefine what it means to be British, for our politicians and our press have completely removed that from the conscience of those able to go to the polls in this, or indeed, any vote.

More Linkbuyer Fun and Games


Mug Linkbuyer: hi
Me: hi there
Mug Linkbuyer: we are selling Gambling Links
Mug Linkbuyer: ?
Me: and?
Me: Mug Linkbuyer: if you are Intrested tel me
Me: interested in what?
Mug Linkbuyer: Gambing Links
Me: The sweat glands of a cow are in its nose
Me: now that is interesting
Mug Linkbuyer: tere maa ke choot
Mug Linkbuyer: now tat is intresting
Me: Maria isn’t a very Hindi sounding name
Me: I don’t buy links – I like doing affiliate deals that get me traffic
Mug Linkbuyer: ok
Mug Linkbuyer: Gambling affilates?
Me: yep. It’s what I do
Mug Linkbuyer: show me
Me: show you what?
Mug Linkbuyer:gambling affilate
Me: I was worried you were asking for something else there

New Year’s Resolutions…

Rather than half heartedly tell virtually nobody what my New Year’s resolutions are, I thought I’d tell virtually nobody by posting them to my blog in the vain hope that my one or two readers pull me up on neglecting them!

1) Write a recommendation for one of my LinkedIn contacts every working day this year (it could be you!)
2) Train for the London Marathon
3) Run the London Marathon
4) Complete the London Marathon
5) Be nice to Anthony Hodgetts (NB only when not provoked)
6) Not to get annoyed by any Gangnam Style comparisons
7) Remember to tell the wife plans I make with at least 24 hours notice
8) Don’t procrastinate by talking about what I’m going to do… just do it (self-defeating with this blog post)
9) Take a family holiday in the Summer
10) To only partake in alcohol consumption prior to the London Marathon between 2nd February and 10th February (inclusive)

Not asking much of myself there, am I?

Affiliate Management – How to Sell Your Brand

There are lots of ways in which one can sell a brand. That brand has no doubt undergone some form of brand development to firmly attempt to establish said brand at a pivotal position in the brand’s chosen market. And the brand’s products and services have no doubt been thoroughly conceived and implemented to create a full suite of delightful offerings to prospective and existing customers.

So why then, would they trust you, a badly lazy individual, to spearhead the launch of your service to the affiliate community. The company’s only be going a short while, so it’s not like you’ve even had time to become disheartened enough to completely disengage from all sense of positive action and attitude. I’m sorry, but it is “efforts” like this that keep affiliate managers, in general, at junior to middle management and affiliate programs as the cheap alternative to proper marketing in the eyes of senior management.

Well done sir.

Click the image below if your eyesight isn’t up to scratch…

Dealing with Douchebags

[10:02:58] Affiliate X: Hey Tom, how are you? Jsut a quick follow up with you to see if you had chance to go over the email with the offer we discussed for our facebook tipping page last week?
[10:03:14] Tom Galanis: hi mate
[10:03:20] Tom Galanis: I don’t think I received it
[10:03:26] Tom Galanis: could you send again?
[10:04:09] Affiliate X: Sure, give me a few mins. Will let you know when I have sent it
[10:08:56] Affiliate X: Resent, please confirm you received it. Cheers
[10:09:25] Affiliate X: From
[10:11:55] Tom Galanis: received – could you tell me the following: how big is your email database? how many are active?
[10:12:25] Tom Galanis: bottom line is this – from your proposal, any one of my clients is going to want to work on a CPA basis if you are “guaranteeing 10 customers”
[10:12:53] Affiliate X: It is basically people off the page who have signed upto receiving the horse racing email tips from us. There is around 200 at the moment
[10:12:53] Tom Galanis: I can’t see anyone going for the £500 flat fee
[10:13:19] Affiliate X: Ok mate, I can’t do anything on a CPA basis as we have a few prepaid deals on there and obviously they take priority
[10:13:27] Tom Galanis: to give you an idea, I get anxious about signing off £500 flat fees for a mailshot to 200k databases
[10:13:52] Tom Galanis: 200 potentials is not going to excite them, I’m afraid
[10:14:09] Tom Galanis: so tough to monetise facebook traffic
[10:14:13] Affiliate X: Sure, but it is not just the email that they will be being promoted on mate
[10:14:36] Tom Galanis: I appreciate that, but I can’t see anyone getting 10 customers from the facebook page
[10:15:08] Affiliate X: bxx3xx have with us and Wxxxxxx Hxxx have been working with us for about 2 weeks and have 4 new depositors
[10:15:59] Affiliate X: Not sure why you don’t think any new depositors will come from it. You can’t get anymore targeted to people on a tipping page, can you?
[10:20:10] Tom Galanis: well, how are you generating traffic?
[10:21:07] Tom Galanis: I could get 1045 people to like my dead dog’s funeral page – the question is, how active are they?
[10:21:49] Affiliate X: Mainly through liking comments on other betting related pages which results in them coming to our page and liking ours. You can see how active they are by looking at the page mate
[10:23:00] Tom Galanis: If you’re confident, why not work on a CPA or a revenue share?
[10:23:16] Tom Galanis: I could even give you a percentage of the turnover with one of my clients
[10:23:21] Tom Galanis: far more lucrative
[10:24:07] Affiliate X: The only reason is because I have prepaid deals with 3 other clients and obviously I want to keep them happy and deliver more players for them so they renew with us
[10:24:14] Tom Galanis: I’ll be honest with you. Most affiliates wanting a £500 flat rate – and I’m not labelling you as one – do nothing to warrant it and operators rarely see a return
[10:24:32] Tom Galanis: If you were using the funds to personally fund prizes, then great
[10:24:52] Tom Galanis: so your clients include bxx3xx?
[10:25:30] Affiliate X: I am running a campaign for bxx3xx through a betting portal and I am working with Wxxxxxx Hxxx direct
[10:26:04] Tom Galanis: which portals do you have? I notice a few linked to
[10:27:07] Affiliate X: I don’t have any sites but we have a few being built as we speak. I mean it is a guy that owns a betting portal that is running the bxx3xx campaign through us
[10:27:18] Tom Galanis: Jxxxxxx Bxxxx?
[10:27:41] Affiliate X: Not with the bxx3xx campaign but the racetips and bettingon sites we promote yes
[10:27:56] Tom Galanis: how does that deal work?
[10:28:04] Affiliate X: Flat rate for a month
[10:28:56] Tom Galanis: so how do you make money from bxx3xx?
[10:29:40] Affiliate X: The guy who has the betting portal paid us for 10 new depositing players, like the deal I mentioned to you. We delivered the 10 players and now he has renewed with us for a further 10
[10:29:56] Tom Galanis: ah ok
[10:29:58] Tom Galanis: I see
[10:30:23] Tom Galanis: surely, my interest is dealing directly with them then?
[10:30:37] Tom Galanis: I’ll be getting traffic from their site and also from you
[10:31:00] Affiliate X: Not sure what you mean mate?
[10:31:43] Tom Galanis: well, if I already have a deal in place with the betting portal, I should mention that we’d be keen on seeing some more Facebook traffic
[10:31:48] Tom Galanis: and he’d do the deal with you
[10:31:56] Tom Galanis: takes an element of risk out for me
[10:33:40] Affiliate X: I am not sure he would as I asked him if he wanted to run one of his other brands and he said he just wants to run one at a time
[10:34:25] Affiliate X: It’s totally your call mate, if you want to speak to your clients and see what they say then do it but if you don’t feel comfortable with it then leave it. As I say mate, it’s totally your call
[10:35:48] Tom Galanis: if you’d consider a CPA deal, it’s workable
[10:35:58] Tom Galanis: from your perspective, I can’t see how your model is sustainable
[10:36:10] Tom Galanis: and operators won’t pay an affiliate who isn’t going to hang around
[10:37:32] Affiliate X: I am here for the long haul mate. What makes you think I am not going to hang around?
[10:40:09] Tom Galanis: I can see that’s your intention – but your model isn’t sustainable
[10:40:21] Tom Galanis: bookmakers won’t keep paying you £500 a month
[10:43:01] Affiliate X: It is not necessarily every month. It is when each 10 new punters have been delivered and if we continue to deliver the punters I can’t see why the bookmakers wouldn’t want more?
[10:43:50] Tom Galanis: Surely you would prefer a £51 CPA?
[10:44:55] Affiliate X: Yes, but not while we have prepaid deals in place as they take priority for obvious reasons
[10:45:10] Tom Galanis: but you would earn more money from that CPA?
[10:45:34] Tom Galanis: my point is – eventually, this model will stop delivering players
[10:45:48] Tom Galanis: and you’ll be indebted to bookmakers
[10:45:56] Tom Galanis: I assume you’d pay them back
[10:46:05] Tom Galanis: but others might be a bit more sceptical
[10:46:23] Affiliate X: Yes, but I am not sure why you think it will stop delivering players when there is between 30-50 new likes coming in per day?
[10:46:36] Tom Galanis: a CPA deal offers them security, build trust and a sustainable partnership
[10:48:40] Tom Galanis: the way a lot of affiliate managers will see this is – £500 – that’s not a lot of my budget is it? But if he gets 6 of those deals in every month, that’s a £50k salary
[10:48:49] Tom Galanis: let’s be honest here – the page isn’t a lot of work
[10:49:00] Tom Galanis: 1045 likes doesn’t get me a return
[10:49:24] Tom Galanis: I’m turning down upfront deals for websites that rank 2 or 3 on google for some unbelievable keyword terms
[10:49:57] Tom Galanis: they are far more stable and get considerably more (roughly 1000x) traffic than your page
[10:51:29] Affiliate X: Sure mate, as I mentioned it is totally your call. I am not forcing you into anything but just trying to get my point across by telling you the punters won’t dry up with more new people coming on the page on a daily basis and they are all targeted not just people that are interested in other things but they are interested in betting
[10:53:10] Tom Galanis: I’m sorry. It just won’t work for any of my clients. It’s an unsustainable model and I cannot believe Wxxxxxx Hxxx and bxx3xx are paying to be sat there. Best of luck, but I’m out
[10:53:26] Affiliate X: No worries at all mate
[10:53:33] Affiliate X: Best thing for us to do mate would probably be, if we have any CPA deals become available then to give you a shout but at the moment I can’t run a standard CPA deal over prepaid deals when I have promised players to those that have already paid me
[10:54:42] Tom Galanis: Realistically, you’ll be looking at a £10 CPA from most bookies – customer value from Facebook is so low
[10:55:26] Affiliate X: For what reason is it low?
[10:56:31] Tom Galanis: Customer Values from Facebook are low
[10:56:40] Tom Galanis: bookmakers have stats on all of this
[10:58:42] Affiliate X: Ok mate, we have had a couple of good redepositors across the 2 brands we are working with
[11:01:51] Tom Galanis: 2 redepositors isn’t going to cover £500 though…
[11:02:17] Tom Galanis: you need to remember that bookmakers will be expecting to make at the very least £1500 from a £500 spend
[11:02:39] Tom Galanis: 2 good redepositors won’t do that for anyone, on average
[11:03:10] Tom Galanis: you’ll need to be very lucky – and some of the best affiliates I know have not made that luck through facebook
[11:04:42] Affiliate X: It is 2 good redepositors over a 3 week period, what if another 2 good depositors come in another few weeks, then another 2 and so on?
[11:05:21] Tom Galanis: what if indeed
[11:05:34] Tom Galanis: why not work on a revenue share deal?
[11:05:47] Tom Galanis: this is my point – if you’re confident, you’ll earn more money that way
[11:06:39] Tom Galanis: you’ll also have the bookmakers’ support on any future work
[11:06:43] Tom Galanis: the site, for instance
[11:06:56] Affiliate X: We are confident but we are tied to these deals at the moment as I mentioned and as I said if we ever have any room for a CPA/Rev Share deals then I will contact you but for now we are tied to these deals and our priority is to deliver for them
[11:08:08] Tom Galanis: sincerely, best of luck with that – my advice would be to focus on delivering for Wxxxxxx Hxxx. Those guys are pretty ruthless when it comes to getting money back
[11:09:17] Affiliate X: We are over halfway to delivering what we promised to them mate and they have only been running with us for 2 weeks, in another 2 weeks the first campaign will be done and dusted
[11:09:28] Tom Galanis: great stuff

Escalation: Argentine style

This is my story of the week. The UK sends Prince William and a f*ck off destroyer to the Falklands and the Argies, realising they do have a considerably weaker armed force (unlike 30 years ago) have decided to hit us where they know they can beat us. Football.

They have renamed their football league the General Belgrano League. Superb.

Now watch the UK bookmakers hit back with specials on last year’s General Belgrano Division 1 runner-up Lanus’ Copa Libertadores clash with Brazilian side Flamenco:

“If Flamenco sink General Belgrano side Lanus, we’ll refund all losing bets”.

I’m copyrighting that one by the way…

Gross to Net Deductions justified at Betfred Casino

To all affiliates who (love to) question the deductions operators make when taking their gross win numbers to a net revenue on which affiliates are paid, take a look at the latest press release at Betfred, where an affiliated customer nailed the Beach Life slot progresssive yesterday for the tune of £5.1 million.

Now, progressive jackpot contributions made by operators are often bundled into this gross to net conversion rate at a fixed percentage. Try telling the affiliate whose player hit the jackpot that this isn’t worth it… imagine seeing 30% or so of £5.1 million coming off your earnings.

Said affiliate would stand to gain from any of the money the player decides to drop back to the house too.

There was a recent thread on GPWA explaining a recent change to Betfred’s gross to net conversion (for the better actually) that caused the odd infuriated post to emerge.

Justice for the affiliate program and the affiliate manager on this one

Oh the irony. SEOs Bitching providing astonishingly good UGC

OK – to provide a bit of context for you to truly grasp the level of irony I have accomplished, you’ll need to read my earlier post and more importantly Niall O’Gribin’s!

Best bit of content this rowdy bunch of SEOs has come up with in 2011!

Tom Galanis
Totally outplayed by Niall Ó Gribín. Fair play, sir. Fair play

888 tightasses buying links + promotiononWeb are pretty dumb | @GamblingSEO
‎888 (once the biggest spammers on the internet) are buying links. Nothing new about that, EVERYONE does it in iGaming. The bit that amused me was the fact
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Niall Ó Gribín lulz. trainwrecking idiots = friday fun. i should set up a SEO trainwreck blog sometime ftw.
2 hours ago · Like

Tom Galanis I’ve got a few affiliate ones on my blog for you to giggle at
2 hours ago · Like

Niall Ó Gribín will have a lookey after lunch. [ ] friday productivity=)
2 hours ago · Like

Scott Polk even outing stupid link buyers is not good for our industry … as much as it amuses me to read … still …
2 hours ago · Like

Niall Ó Gribín agree and disagree Scott. disagree b/c these guys aren’t representative of “our industry” – low level snakeoil salesmen who seem to only know 1 thing – link buying (ok 2 things, they clearly pitched it to some lazy exec with targets and big pockets..) . if they had brains / cared about the client / knew what they were doing, then they would be dangerous. =) hehe
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Scott Polk ‎888 is simply not what they used to be in decision making … they go for the lowest bid not matter (after they beat that price down to zero) … still do NOT believe in outing at all …
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Scott Polk regardless – a funny read
about an hour ago · Like

Paul Reilly Funny read.. well written.. unfortunately tarnished by exceptional bad form!
about an hour ago · Like

Niall Ó Gribín all’s fair in love and business boys. let’s not forget that. see u on the beach.
about an hour ago · Like

Paul Reilly Ah.. that was indeed good form.. thanks. after all it turned out to be the dev team had been instructed to remove certain franchises as the freanchisees had quit… naturally the chief didn’t want to share the news with me, as it sent out signals that the network was shrinking.. perhaps due to the rather dubious business model. 😉
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Paul Reilly Additionally Niall.. I wouldn’t have known the extent of the franchise cancellations if you hadn’t have spotted those missing redirects – so thanks for that 🙂
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Niall Ó Gribín all good blog material lols. say hi to imaginary pamela for me paul =)
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Jason Duke Not big not clever not funny either!
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Paul Reilly ‎;)
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Paul Reilly The whole point of this thread appears to be as follows… Outing link buyers is bad form, no matter how unprofessional the link supplier has been. Honour amongst spammers! FFS.. there isn’t one casino in the top 20 which doesn’t buy links.. outing all of them would be easy.
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Niall Ó Gribín outing link buyers is not bad form, it doesn’t work. nobody suffers. google is broken. oh all you agency types suffer obviously, but that’s the way it goes.
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Niall Ó Gribín My blog is about SEO, how to do it, and how NOT to do it. ousting a linkbuyer or 2 = too bad if they are stupid. sorry. fwiw, it seldom has any effect, e.g. did sky TV get fucked for this? Did they fuck.

3DTV – SKY TV Risking the Farm by buying links? | @GamblingSEO
Sky TV buying links to sell 3D TV’s?
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Paul Reilly totally disagree Niall – of course Google has it’s weaknesses.. if everyone went around outing link buyer, the whole game would be screwed
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Jason Duke For the record – I dont agree that outing link buying or any other practices someone does in SEO is on game – that’s it, no more no less. Nothing personal. Im off to do some work
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Niall Ó Gribín the game is screwed
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Niall Ó Gribín google is broken
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Paul Reilly Yeah.. I’ve got shit to do too… Rather than blogging shit about shit.. don’t you have work to do Niall?
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Niall Ó Gribín ‎@paul, no the players would have to re-adapt to the new game…
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Niall Ó Gribín nah our servers are down. fucking UKFAST!
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Niall Ó Gribín have fun chaps. 🙂
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Paul Reilly Perhaps write a post about your hosting services? or perhaps the postman was late.. maybe he needs flaming too… 😉
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Paul Reilly Just a thought.. but why don’t you do some SEO, and exploit that broken algo to provide for you and yours lovely Christmas presents or something.. Surely that would be better use of your valuable time – rather than making enemies. Signing out now.. Have a wonderful Christmas @Niall
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Niall Ó Gribín lols. ok pamela.
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Tom Galanis You SEOs can be proper bitchy! Never heard Paul Reilly be (so) serious!!!
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Niall Ó Gribín paul’s a SEO? i thought he was a salesman.
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Paul Reilly Dude broke the Spammers Code of Honour!
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Paul Reilly Forgive me Niall.. but I don’t even know you.. have we actually met?
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Niall Ó Gribín tom was correct. seos = bitches. =)
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Scott Polk no bitches here … the longer we stay in the shade, the longer we can work in the daylight without getting burned
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Tom Galanis aah, just romanticists! That’s more like it. More love boys, more love
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Niall Ó Gribín err no and wtf jason. blowing someone elses’ candle out doesn’t make yours glow brighter.
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Tom Galanis Guys, seriously. There has to be a better forum for this than my Facebook wall!
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Niall Ó Gribín yeh wtf. jason was happy to dm me 5 mins ago, now back on your wall. strange.
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Niall Ó Gribín pzychosis
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Niall Ó Gribín delete post tom. let’s do some work 🙂
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Scott Polk ‎Tom Galanis the honeymoon period has been over for a decade now its simply “love, love, love, love …”
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Scott Polk delete … hmmm … I wouldn’t
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Tom Galanis Sod that, it’s going up on my blog 😉
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Scott Polk UGC .. way to roll with it
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Tom Galanis Haha. Classic irony. Perfect content. Thanks chaps 🙂
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