Gross to Net Deductions justified at Betfred Casino

To all affiliates who (love to) question the deductions operators make when taking their gross win numbers to a net revenue on which affiliates are paid, take a look at the latest press release at Betfred, where an affiliated customer nailed the Beach Life slot progresssive yesterday for the tune of £5.1 million.

Now, progressive jackpot contributions made by operators are often bundled into this gross to net conversion rate at a fixed percentage. Try telling the affiliate whose player hit the jackpot that this isn’t worth it… imagine seeing 30% or so of £5.1 million coming off your earnings.

Said affiliate would stand to gain from any of the money the player decides to drop back to the house too.

There was a recent thread on GPWA explaining a recent change to Betfred’s gross to net conversion (for the better actually) that caused the odd infuriated post to emerge.

Justice for the affiliate program and the affiliate manager on this one


Who wants the Boobie Prize?

I’m pretty certain that the thinking behind this promotion is purely PR-inspired. We haven’t seen a promotion quite as dastardly as this since the early Noughties, but those risque folks at Celtic Casino have implanted an astonishing silicon-enhanced promotion back into the online gaming world. Ladies (and gentleman), I give you the Boob Job Draw!

That’s right, the ultimate boobie prize has made a return and the depths that this cleavage-hungry casino has plummeted to are incredible. If you’re, and I quote, “medically ineligible” or would simply rather receive cash to watch other boobies in strip clubs, Celtic Casino is offering €1,000 in lieu of a trip to Costa Rica AND the surgery.

Obviously, Costa Rica probably only ranks as an A Cup on the Plastic Surgery hotspots of the world, but €1,000 to cover your trip and the augmentation hardly builds confidence for those lucky ladies or ladyboys keen enough to drop a load of cash into Celtic Casino to earn a raffle ticket for this titillating competition.

If you’re keen to enter this competition (how did you find my blog) or would simply like to find out more, have a peep by following this link.

This has to be the most outrageous attempt to create a USP/feast on industry PR sites like mine in years, bra none and if you fancy having a go, play at Celtic Casino Now!

BoogieBet launching on PartnerMatrix

GameOn Affiliates‘ partner BoogieBet, operating off the OddsMatrix and Net Entertainment platforms, is one of the first operators to adopt EveryMatrix’s affiliate management software, PartnerMatrix.

GameOn Affiliates consulted in the development of PartnerMatrix and the system offers fantastic reliability and accuracy to affiliates and licensees. PartnerMatrix unites the functionality of a solid affiliate reporting system with BanaMatrix, EveryMatrix’s fantastic banner creation and serving tool.

Eric Yonce, CEO of BoogieBet said “The power of the PartnerMatrix software gives us the confidence to use it for all our online marketing and affiliate campaigns. We are excited about using live odds and fixtures in our dynamic sports betting banners and attract new players across all of our products.”

BoogieBet is the latest partner to receive GameOn Affiliates’ affiliate management service. Newly live, the BoogieBet Affiliate Program launches officially at LAC 2011 at the end of January with a unique, invite only experience for a number of leading sports and casino affiliates – an exclusive Limo trip to Nike Town on Oxford Circus to design personalised training shoes with Nike iD.

Tom Galanis, Director, GameOn Affiliates, is hugely excited about working with both BoogieBet and PartnerMatrix. “Having been involved in the development of PartnerMatrix, we have witnessed the system’s progression towards an industry-leading reporting tool. BoogieBet have made a wise choice in working alongside EveryMatrix and we are incredibly excited by the prospect of launching the BoogieBet Affiliate Program in style at the London Affiliate Conference with an exclusive trip to Nike Town.”

CasinoCreed launches

GameOn Affiliates’ partner CBN Gaming has launched, which incorporates CBN Gaming’s real casino platform, streamed live from the Regent Casino in Bucharest, Romania, with leading RNG games from Microgaming.

GameOn Affiliates will be running CasinoCreed Affiliates on behalf of CBN Gaming and Director, Tom Galanis, cannot wait to push the brand out to the affiliate market. “CBN Gaming’s product really is top notch. I have seen live casino products enter the space and not really have the impact they might have. Uniting such a great concept with the ever popular Microgaming platform will provide affiliates with a high quality game offering to push to players”.

CasinoCreed Affiliates has recently launched on the NetRefer platform offering affiliates up to a 50% revenue share and a full suite of marketing tools to open up the doors of the Regent Casino to their player base.

Hippodrome Casino

I’m working on an exciting project at the moment with the Hippodrome Casino, currently in development in both an on and offline sense. If your recollection of the Hippodrome is of a dingy, black wall clad single storey nightspot often seen as a last resort to those of questionable drinking age, prepare to be blown away.

Simon and Peter Thomas, founders of Beacon Bingo, have invested significant amounts into an astonishingly large site right on the corner of Leicester Square. I was given a tour of the site, and it is still a building site at this stage, and I was staggered at how much premium real estate was previously unused in such a central London location. Being a bit of a grumpy, ageing cynic, not a great deal excites me, but having viewed the plans and the site, I am looking forward to the task at hand – and that is helping to prove to the Genting’s of the world that it is possible to harmonise a successful land-based casino with an online offering, and making the two work for affiliates in particular.

Hippodrome Casino aims to become the number one gaming venue in London and with a walk-by audience of over 1 million people per week, you can well imagine that becoming the case pretty quickly. We will be working on systems to ensure that affiliates can not only gain credit for any offline play their recruited online players partake in, but also to create a full circle approach that will see them gain use of the land-based facility to recruit to and retain their player base. Not the easiest of tasks, but later this month I’m giving a select group of leading casino affiliates the opportunity for a sneak peak at the venue and help them envisage what this opportunity holds for them.

The Hippodrome Casino is due to open in the Summer of 2011, with the online product preceding it in the next few months.

Michael Jackson Casino – Who Is It?

It’s only Human Nature to look for the next big opportunity, but the Smooth Criminal who had an Off The Wall idea and bought up and decided to run a casino, poker room and sportsbook from the domain might well live to regret his Bad decision. He’s found himself in a bit of an awkward Jam. Now the legal team representing Jacko’s estate Wanna’ Be Starting Something through the law courts, threatening to sue the site’s owner and Go Daddy, who allowed the domain to be registered and hosted.

Naturally, Go Daddy don’t see this as much of a Thriller and a spokesman for the online giant is proclaiming his innocence. “I’m not the Daddy here. The guy that bought this up is not my son”. Not good enough for Howard Weitzman, the attorney acting for Jacko’s estate. “The Way You Make Me Feel is disgusted”. Disgusted to the tune of $100 million apparently. More than enough to make the site owner and Go Daddy sit up and Scream. Oh well, he may have been gone over a year, but Jacko’s lawyers are showing no signs of abating. Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough, hey!

I Remember The Time when I bought up a few celebrity-related domain names. Pretty glad I never put them live – always saw it as a bit Dangerous, but a message to the mystery site owner: You Are Not Alone. There will be plenty of people cheering your corner and hopefully you’ll meet the legal team head on and Beat It. Plus, the nature of the online world and trademarking means that this is not certain to be a Black Or White case. That said, I’m fairly confident you won’t get a great deal of sympathy from within the States. They Don’t Care (too much) About Us in the online gaming world, but perhaps you should have taken a good look at the Man In The Mirror before you went after US players and gone after a few Strangers in Moscow instead.

This is hardly going to put the online gaming world into a State Of Shock. We’re Unbreakable, don’t you know? The only question that remains is: Who Is It who bought and set up this debacle? Someone Put Your Hand Out or This Is It for the site’s owner!

GameOn Affiliates at IGE and LAC

GameOn Affiliates is attending the International Gaming Expo at Earls Court from 26th-28th January 2010 and the London Affiliate Conference from 28th-31st January 2010.

We represent Purple Lounge Casino, 1LiveCasino, Ace Revenue, US Blackjack, Devilfish Poker & Casino and CAI Games, so if you’re an affiliate looking for a new casino or poker room to promote, get in touch and let’s meet up and strike a deal or two.

We are also on the hunt for new gaming clients, so if you’re setting up a new venture in the online gaming space and would like to find out more about starting up and running an affiliate program, we’d be delighted to talk to you and see if we can help you out!

Contact to set up a meeting

Affiliates Free €100 with 1LiveCasino Affiliates

We’re running a great promotion with 1LiveCasino at the moment. Sign up to the 1LiveCasino Affiliate program and get €100 FREE if you get us up on your site within 48 hours and bring us 5 real players in your first full month! Just join the program HERE and get promoting now.

AND – all readers of my blog who run a portal site take note – if you don’t currently have a page dedicated to Live Dealer Casinos, I am offering to write it all for you! Just GET IN TOUCH.

About 1LiveCasino: 1Live is a live dealer casino on the Vuetec Distance Gaming network, which offers players a gaming experience that comes closest to matching real life casino action. Players can enjoy live casino table action, streamed in a secure and reliable environment from Dublin’s leading land based casino, the Fitzwilliam Casino & Card Club, from the comfort of home. The site can be found HERE.

Live Games: Players enjoy a greater variety of live games offered through other live casinos, including live blackjack and a fantastic blackjack early payout game, which is hugely popular. Our most popular game is live roulette, which is far more captivating in live play. Other great games available straight from the Fitzwilliam Casino are live Punto Banco and a great live variation of the most popular poker game, called Texas Hold’em Bonus. Players can also hit our fantastic slot machines on a break from the tables.

Conversion & Player Value: In contrast to others on the same network, we tend to see better conversion rates from click to depositing player. Besides our simple conversion process, our fantastic cashback offer ensures that your players are treated as genuine casino players, and our excellent and highly personable customer service and retention strategies ensure that you reap the rewards too.

VIP Concierge Service for Purple Lounge Affiliates

I’m running a fantastic promotion for new and existing casino affiliates at Purple Lounge until the new year. Bring us 50 real players and get membership to Quintessentially, a VIP Concierge service package worth over £1,000. This is NOT a draw, if you qualify, you get the prize – Simple!

This is a fantastic promotion that aims to provide Purple Lounge casino affiliates with the very best in service. If you need to book a table at a Vegas club last minute, get hold of some tickets to a sold out concert or plan your trip to the FIFA World Cup, your Quintessentially concierge is on call 24/7 to take care of it for you!

On top of this, affiliates can also benefit from an incredible revenue share offer of 50% for the first 3 months of activity. And this 50% revenue share will be highly valuable to the affiliate, as Purple Lounge also excels in terms of providing its players value.

Purple Lounge has more Blackjack varieties than nearly anywhere else – European, Bonus, Spanish, Vegas Downtown, Vegas Strip, Atlantic City, Double Exposure Blackjack, Super Fun 21 varieties and even a progressive game called Triple 7’s.

In short, send us 50 casino players and you get a 24/7 concierge service at your beck and call, access to exclusive VIP events across the planet and exceptional returns on the players you send. Not a bad little Christmas present!

Click HERE for full details.

Click HERE to learn more about Quintessentially.

announcing new partnerships

GameOn Affiliates is delighted to welcome on board four new partner affiliate programs. From October 2009, we will be managing and developing the Purple Lounge casino affiliate program and the program, plus recruiting affiliates to the the and the DevilFish Poker and Casino affiliate networks.

I would like to take the opportunity to welcome these programs to GameOn Affiliates. We’re very much looking forward to taking these programs to the next level and beyond over the coming months!

More information on these programs can be found HERE