Michael Jackson Casino – Who Is It?

It’s only Human Nature to look for the next big opportunity, but the Smooth Criminal who had an Off The Wall idea and bought up MichaelJacksonCasino.com and decided to run a casino, poker room and sportsbook from the domain might well live to regret his Bad decision. He’s found himself in a bit of an awkward Jam. Now the legal team representing Jacko’s estate Wanna’ Be Starting Something through the law courts, threatening to sue the site’s owner and Go Daddy, who allowed the domain to be registered and hosted.

Naturally, Go Daddy don’t see this as much of a Thriller and a spokesman for the online giant is proclaiming his innocence. “I’m not the Daddy here. The guy that bought this up is not my son”. Not good enough for Howard Weitzman, the attorney acting for Jacko’s estate. “The Way You Make Me Feel is disgusted”. Disgusted to the tune of $100 million apparently. More than enough to make the site owner and Go Daddy sit up and Scream. Oh well, he may have been gone over a year, but Jacko’s lawyers are showing no signs of abating. Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough, hey!

I Remember The Time when I bought up a few celebrity-related domain names. Pretty glad I never put them live – always saw it as a bit Dangerous, but a message to the mystery site owner: You Are Not Alone. There will be plenty of people cheering your corner and hopefully you’ll meet the legal team head on and Beat It. Plus, the nature of the online world and trademarking means that this is not certain to be a Black Or White case. That said, I’m fairly confident you won’t get a great deal of sympathy from within the States. They Don’t Care (too much) About Us in the online gaming world, but perhaps you should have taken a good look at the Man In The Mirror before you went after US players and gone after a few Strangers in Moscow instead.

This is hardly going to put the online gaming world into a State Of Shock. We’re Unbreakable, don’t you know? The only question that remains is: Who Is It who bought and set up this debacle? Someone Put Your Hand Out or This Is It for the site’s owner!