EGR Live – a success!

I’ve got to say, a few people were calling it same old, same old, but for me, EGR Live was a great show, particularly as it was a first attempt and the fact it was free. Some really good panel sessions and a very good presentation by Foviance’s Catriona Campbell. She is doing a lot for raising the profile and importance of understanding consumer behaviour patterns in the gaming industry and well worth meeting with if you ever get the chance.

It may be an area that operators could use to understand what subliminally turns on an affiliate’s mind, though I have made solid hypotheses on the potential findings. It is certainly an area that operators could tap in to in partnership with their affiliates to better construct player profiling according to keyword search or promotions and I’m definitely keen to gauge Catriona’s thoughts on this in some more detail.

Another success was the Affiliate Exit Strategies panel, packed to the brim with top notch industry alumni Mark Blandford, Bjorn Evers, Ian Sims and Graeme Levin. Despite the remarkable collapse of the infrastructural panel (the table collapsed!), the panellists provided a lot of great advice to affiliates keen on understanding the ins and outs of selling portals and domains, what is required in terms of due diligence and the kinds of positions and advice you need to foster in order to make a profitable sale.

You should also look out for (and soon to be, for me the best looking Social Networking gambling application I’ve come across. It’s currently only at the Beta stage, but for me it’s got everything going for it. Watch this space!


1 thought on “EGR Live – a success!”

  1. Yup. The CEO panel opening day was interesting too. Lots of talk about European legislation… I gotta say though… The EGR Awards night and the iGaming Social the next night were highlights for m e 😉

    Great meeting you face to face Tom!


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