Your Greatest Decade

So the Noughties are coming to an end tonight and it’s made me think about the best decade of my life to date. Now, despite a few grey roots, I’ve lived in only 3 decades and am torn between the Eighties and the Noughties as my pick.

The 80s were great for me as the decade I grew up in as a child. Nothing mattered at all besides great children’s TV (I’m thinking Postman Pat, MASK, He-Man, Thomas the Tank Engine, Thundercats etc), but I’m certain for a few elder folk, it probably wasn’t the greatest time (let’s face it, the music sucks on reflection). The 90s was an interesting time, but for most of it I was an obnoxious little teenage sh*t when obviously everything was pointless and not worth doing. The Noughties have been good… student days, meeting the love of my life and the start of a career. Though it is also the decade that I’ve realised that Britain and most of the rest of the World is falling apart (had I been aware of anything besides wondering how Cringer did manage to turn in to Battlecat and wallowing in my own self pity when I was younger, I may have come to this conclusion before, although I cannot confirm!). As I was blind to it all, the 80s wins it for me!

How about you old timers?

I’m interested to see how choice differs from country to country.

Happy New Year and New Decade to you all! Here’s to the Tens!


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