Casino Affiliate Management

If you’re setting up an online casino of your own and need to get high quality traffic to it fast, there are numerous ways in which to do it.

For the most cost effective results, you should look to the online gaming affiliate market rather than more obvious choices such as email marketing and paid search. The casino affiliate market is by far the best way of getting your online casino brand out there directly to the casino players market. My company, TAG Media, can work directly alongside you to ensure that you succeed in doing it highly effectively. For a full range of services, click HERE.

Whilst other online marketing techniques might achieve more immediate casino player volume, one thing you can expect from a casino affiliate program is the ability the affiliates have within it to educate players, send them to appropriate online casino platforms and most importantly control the thinking of most VIP casino players and where they spend their money! Casino affiliates can even work effectively to retain your players and increase player lifetime values.

Once you’ve decided to look down the affiliate strategy route with your online casino, you need to understand the costs attached to setting up and running a casino affiliate program. Sure, most of your expenditure to affiliates might be on a revenue share model paid in arrears once you’ve reaped the rewards, but this is not always the casino, especially in the early stages in a casino affiliate program’s life. Costs you need to understand and reflect upon include:

Fixed Fees and Minimum Revenue Guarantees: Many of the web’s leading casino affiliates will already have highly profitable relationships in place with leading online casino affiliate programs. They may be earning retrospective commission off existing players going back several years if the casino’s retention strategy is up to scratch and will have finely tuned conversion processes, including optimising casino banners, links, landing pages and player registration and depositing steps. To ‘get on’ these sites, as a new casino affiliate program, you may need to compensate the affiliate whilst you build your own online casino’s traction in the affiliate market and this costs money! To find out what you can expect, please get in touch!

Affiliate Administration Software: There are numerous off-the-shelf affiliate admin solutions available on the market, which has seen the best of them compete more heavily on price. This means that you’ll be sharing less of your casino affiliate revenue with the software provider than if you’d set up a few years ago. TAG Media’s partner of choice is Income Access, who have led the casino affiliate software market for the past decade and will continue to do so. Other options include using the affiliate software provided by your casino platform. These vary in quality, but all tend to lack the speed, usability and functionality provided by specialist affiliate admin software. Set up costs, integration lead times and ongoing monthly commissions are going to apply here, in all cases. To find out what you can expect, please get in touch!

Affiliate Networks: If you’re after immediate volume/less targeted traffic, setting up on an affiliate network or two might be a good step. It is possible to optimise your activity with affiliate networks, but to do so prior to spending a fortune requires specialist assistance – TAG Media can provide you with this. Nonetheless, you will be looking at a set-up fee, account management fees paid on a monthly basis as well as hefty commission rates mean there will be additional costs when active with affiliate networks. TAG Media has a selection of choice affiliate networks that we partner with for reduced rates. If you’re interested in adopting this approach or would like to find out more about affiliate networks for your online casino brand, please get in touch!

Web Design: Running an effective casino affiliate program requires significant resource. On top of generic casino online advertising, affiliates will consistently request and warrant bespoke creative sizes, personalised casino landing pages for unique promotions, casino email templates and whatever else you can dream of. If you’ve got an in-house team, be sure to allocate time and budget to the development of casino creative for your affiliates. If not, GameOn Affiliates employs highly experienced web designers, with significant experience with online casino brands. To understand what you can expect to provide your affiliates and at what expense, please get in touch!

Promoting Your Casino Affiliate Program: It’s crucial to ensure that your casino affiliate program gets the exposure it deserves in order for it to grow organically. The casino affiliate community provides an incredibly viral environment. To make the most of this gaming affiliate community, in which TAG Media has an exceptional reputation, it is important that you invest time and a bit of money towards advertising on casino affiliate forums, such as the GPWA, Casino Affiliate Listings or Casino Affiliate Programs. We have negotiated great sponsorship and advertising rates with these forums – for a good deal that will really launch your casino affiliate program to the affiliate community, please get in touch!

At TAG Media, we will work with you to devise a casino affiliate marketing strategy that accommodates both your casino player targets and your budgeting power. We will put this strategy in to place using a vast range of tools and partnerships from our extensive experience and casino affiliate network and will ensure that results meet and exceed your expectations. Having worked on building some of the online gaming industry’s most successful casino affiliate programs from scratch, TAG Media is ideally placed to help your program take off. For a full breakdown of our affiliate services, please click HERE. For a full list of the affiliate programs we are currently working with, click HERE.


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