Affiliate Services

If you’d like to discuss your affiliate marketing requirements, please visit the Contact Me page. In the meantime, here’s a breakdown of what I can do for your business…

  • Program Management (Total or Part)
  • Are you a new program wanting experienced assistance getting off the ground?
    Are you a mature program, but don’t have the manpower to maximise the potential of your entire affiliate network?

  • Program Development
  • Are you a new operator/white label starting out on the route of building an affiliate program? I can assist you in creating and carrying out the entire development of your partnership program

  • Affiliate Marketing Strategy Conception
  • Struggling to create a direction for your affiliate program? I have experience in compiling many successful affiliate marketing strategies for my clients.

  • Brand Development
  • Want to get your affiliate program ‘out there’, making affiliates sit up and take note of your fantastic selling points? I can do that all for you.

  • Real Time Bidding and Programmatic Marketing
  • Looking to explore the opportunities and cost savings that an effectively run programmatic marketing function can bring? I have partnered with consultancy firm AIPIXL to provide market leading strategy and tailored agency partnerships to ensure this growing and increasing vital marketing channel is correctly fulfilled.

  • Staff Training and Workshops
  • Has affiliates been a fairly low level position in your business model. Do you employ fairly junior people to the role of affiliate manager? I can work alongside them to develop their understanding. Do you feel the decision makers in your business could do with a workshop to learn more about affiliate marketing and its potential? I can do all of that.

  • Affiliate Brokerage
  • Interested in acquiring an affiliate business or looking to sell up part or all of your affiliate marketing business? We offer bespoke affiliate website and business merger and acquisition services in conjunction with SMP Partners in the Isle of Man.

  • Online Partnership Negotiation and Management
  • I have negotiated and managed huge online partnerships with groups such as News International, Orange, The Mirror Group and Northern Shell, as well as some of the leading affiliate websites around. I can strategise and lead negotiation and management of such partnerships for you to ensure optimal ROI.

  • Campaign Planning, Development and Analysis
  • Have you got a huge promotion on the horizon? Are you planning your strategies for the 2018 World Cup or the WSOP? Such events require significant foresight and work and time to perfect and I can lead all affiliate and media buying for such events, as well as handle any VIP incentives you wish to run conjointly, through our partner agency, GameOn Marketing.

  • Customer Conversion Development
  • I employ my proprietary system to ensure that prospective players’ journeys from banner impression to deposit is as efficient as possible. I’ll harness calls to action and bespoke messages by affiliate, continually striving to improve conversion rates and maximising your ROI.

  • Web Design Services
  • I partner with cost effective, up and coming web design agencies to assist in improving conversion rates and ROI.

  • New/Emerging Product and Regional Development
  • I research and develop new territories and products for my clients, looking to build affiliate networks as well as providing you with access to our own. I feel affiliate marketing is the ideal way to test new markets and provide immediate ROI.

  • New Market Feasibility Studies
  • I examine market conditions, assess payment methods and run test campaigns in your chosen markets, leading to an in-depth report in to the feasibility for expansion.

  • Business Planning and Forecasting
  • I assess the performance of the affiliate program and provide aims, objectives and forecasts for coming periods.

  • Corporate Communication Evolution
  • I believe affiliate programs can lead corporate communications strategies for gaming operators and has experience laying the groundwork for this mechanism.

    If you’d like to discuss your affiliate marketing requirements, please visit the Contact Me page