Link Sell Deal – Done

37 minutes ago

Failure: hi
Failure: how are you?
Me: Good thanks – you?

Failure: are you interested in Buying Links
Me: Not personally

Failure: thwn

Failure: can you please send me the email id of SEO Guys

Failure: who are buying Links

Failure: ?
Me: Not really my place to do that unfortunately

Failure: you are in gaming industry
Me: Yes, but I don’t do referrals for links

Failure: that is Not bad

Me: not sure what I need that for

Failure: can you send me
Me: send you what?

Failure: email id of your SEO Guys

Failure: he is SEO Manager?
Me: yes

Failure: ok

Failure: can you some other emails as well
Me: no

Failure: do you know some of your friends
Me: I hope I know most of them

Failure: who are looking for links
Me: some might be but not sure who or what kind of links. To be honest, we’d be wasting eachother’s time

Failure: no

Failure: i am selling gambling related link
Me: yeah I get that. I’m not buying though

Failure: some of you friends who are buying ?
Me: they might be. But I have 1,460 friends. I could ask all of them for you…

Failure: can you send the email of friend who are in gaming industry
Me: why?

Failure: i will contact them

Failure: for Selling links
Me: I was going to send them all an email about a Nigerian orphan with a load of money, but this sounds more appealing. Would you mind if I sent the email instead? I’ll give you 10% on the value of the links

Failure: ok

Failure: i will pay you 10% of the links
Me: I was hoping for something closer to 90%

Failure: ?

Failure: ok fine


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