Worst Bet Ever?

So I’ve just shared a post from one of the connections on my LinkedIn Network. Someone he works with was against the idea that LinkedIn has any value whatsoever. As a result, the interestingly named gentleman, Mersudin Forbes, bet him that for every ‘Like’ or ‘Comment’ made to his LinkedIn post, his workmate had to give him £1. This was 2 hours ago.

Over 1,000 ‘Likes’ and 246 ‘Comments’ later and his mate is already looking in a spot of bother. Apparently I have over 7 million people in my LinkedIn network. We could see Mersudin making an appearance on the more famous Forbes list sooner rather than later.

As LinkedIn isn’t the best social networking site for sharing links for connections of connections (I guess this is what his workmate had in mind), you may need to add Mr Forbes to your network to earn him a quid. For those of you linked to me, you should be able to go through my profile and comment/like the post!

I think his as-yet-unidentified workmate might be about to learn the true value of viral. Woops!

Update: a day on and Mersudin is looking over £9,000 better off (assuming his mate honours the bet, which must be unlikely now!)


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