Amusing Skype Convo with Affiliate

[14:45:54] Tom Galanis: I can offer you 50% for the first 3 months
[14:46:04] Tom Galanis: at which point we can revisit it
[14:46:29] Mr X: not interested revenue share deals for main page.
[14:46:31] Tom Galanis: our standard is 30-50%
[14:46:38] Mr X: I dont know about the conversion
[14:46:52] Tom Galanis: I don’t know about the traffic 😉
[14:47:19] Tom Galanis: what deals are you interested in?
[14:47:47] Mr X: main page +$350 CPA
[14:47:54] Mr X: for casino page $300 CPA starting
[14:48:47] Tom Galanis: what kind of CPA release are you looking for?
[14:49:22] Mr X: $50 deposit like with another brands.
[14:49:41] Tom Galanis: I have to say that’s probably not workable
[14:50:01] Mr X: Yes I understand.
[14:50:02] Tom Galanis: what is your traffic source?
[14:50:44] Mr X: website, affiliates and google
[14:51:06] Tom Galanis: so you do PPC?
[14:51:32] Mr X: we have hired 1 company to do it for us
[14:51:44] Tom Galanis: so which words are you targeting?
[14:54:31] Mr X: Slot bonus, BankRoll, bankrollking, slot deposit bonus
[15:03:44] Tom Galanis: those don’t seem to be particularly popular search terms… slot bonus gets 27,100 searches every month, which is the equivalent to the search for “My Left Foot”. Surely with a $350 CPA you should be competing for more visible terms?
[15:04:28] Mr X: look next week when Alexa will update medium sites
[15:04:41] Mr X: and get back to me if you are interested.
[15:05:59] Tom Galanis: Look forward to it


2 thoughts on “Amusing Skype Convo with Affiliate”

  1. I’m in! I’m bidding on: get rich quick, make money online, roulette/blackjack/slots strategy/ies, and other awesome terms. I’m also living in 2002 and I therefore want a $350 CPA with a $150 Bonus if they make a second deposit of $50+

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