Sponsor Me – Scumrun 2011

Around a year ago, I was marooned in Amsterdam with a load of industry peeps, drowning our ash cloud ‘misery’ in the Euro Pub on Dam Square. Shortly after BodogBecky accidentally dispensed of a €15 glass of red all over the only jacket and jeans combo I’d packed for my scheduled 1-day visit, we were set upon by a 50 strong, fancy-dressed clad army of bumblebees, cheerleaders, pimps and the Scoobie Doo team.

As one of a handful of Brits attending CAC2010 surrounded by more cultured Scandinavians and Israelis, I immediately thought British Stag Party/Hen Do and was preparing my defense.

(Un)Fortunately, it was quickly established that this group wasn’t keen on kidnapping BodogBecky and were actually participating in the televised Scumrun, an old-banger rally across Europe raising money for a fantastic cause. Given that we were all stranded, there were Austrians, Swedes, Danes and Israelis bartering like you wouldn’t believe for lifts back home. Alas, I don’t believe anyone actually caught a ride home in the Scooby Doo van, but it did inspire me to give it a go the following year.

As such, a few friends and I are taking a 1995 Vauxhall Omega clad in police livery across Europe hoping to complete 3000 miles in 4 days and avoid the expensive Euro Pub to raise money for a fantastic charity, Dreams Come True. Take a look at the charity because they are doing amazing things to make the dreams of seriously and terminally ill children come true.

We admit that cruising around Europe bumping into iGaming types in Amsterdam isn’t the most arduous task, so if you sponsor us, you’ll be adding to a kitty that will not only bring magic moments to really ill children, but will also forcing some horrendous challenges on me and my mates, including waxing (those who know me realise this is a big task), skydiving, bungee jumping and swimming with sharks – all things I’m in no real hurry to try.

I urge you to part with some of your hard-earned affiliate earnings this month and help a truly fantastic cause. If you’re interested in finding out more about the charity, please visit http://www.dctc.org.uk and if you’d like to sponsor us (I believe this can be done from any country in the world), please visit our Sponsorship Page.

I would be immensely grateful for any help you can give




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