More Skype Fun with Dodgy Data Thieves

[18/09/2015 07:10:36] gambling.traffic: Hi Tom Galanis, I’d like to add you as a contact.
[18/09/2015 07:14:43] Tom Galanis: Tom Galanis has shared contact details with Gambling Traffic.
[18/09/2015 12:19:34] Gambling Traffic: hi
[18/09/2015 12:19:38] Gambling Traffic: how are you?
[18/09/2015 14:12:31] Tom Galanis: well hello there!
[18/09/2015 14:13:18] Tom Galanis: I’m in the mood for some top quality action, so I guess it’s your lucky day
[18/09/2015 16:03:03] Gambling Traffic: wow
[18/09/2015 16:04:52] Gambling Traffic: which country you are looking to target?
[18/09/2015 16:05:56] Tom Galanis: I’d do anything for good UK action at the moment – and I mean anything
[18/09/2015 16:06:14] Tom Galanis: So hard to come by
[18/09/2015 16:06:34] Gambling Traffic: Ye we have UK targeted database for gambling
[18/09/2015 16:06:46] Gambling Traffic: how much volume you are looking for test?
[18/09/2015 16:06:47] Tom Galanis: How big are you?
[18/09/2015 16:07:23] Gambling Traffic: we have approx 900k for UK
[18/09/2015 16:07:33] Tom Galanis: Jesus
[18/09/2015 16:07:36] Tom Galanis: Right
[18/09/2015 16:07:48] Tom Galanis: I could just about take that!
[18/09/2015 16:08:05] Gambling Traffic: can i see your landing page?
[18/09/2015 16:08:13] Tom Galanis: I assume we are talking dirty here?
[18/09/2015 16:09:10] Gambling Traffic: No we have some partners to they have UK gambling db i told you total
[18/09/2015 16:09:36] Tom Galanis: Clean/Dirty, I don’t care really – that’s so tempting
[18/09/2015 16:10:10] Tom Galanis: Before we talk price, safety is my prime concern
[18/09/2015 16:10:15] Gambling Traffic: We can do the following segmentations: geographical (zip-code, area, city…) psychographic (affinities, interests) and socio demographic (age, gender, marital status.Affinities/Interests we can separate in: finance, sports, travel, fashion, health, technic, online gaming.
[18/09/2015 16:10:26] Tom Galanis: Are you willing to offer any guarantees?
[18/09/2015 16:10:34] Gambling Traffic: Yes
[18/09/2015 16:10:45] Gambling Traffic: we can provide you OR guarantee
[18/09/2015 16:11:19] Tom Galanis: I assume the STI score for the data comes in low
[18/09/2015 16:11:43] Tom Galanis: Have you been with any of the big boys?
[18/09/2015 16:12:22] Gambling Traffic: yes we are working with primegaming
[18/09/2015 16:12:38] Tom Galanis: Ooh yes – they’re big guys
[18/09/2015 16:12:52] Tom Galanis: Were they happy with the results?
[18/09/2015 16:13:42] Gambling Traffic: we provide our OR guarantee and my clients renewal campaign always
[18/09/2015 16:13:58] Tom Galanis: Must be great to have regular clients
[18/09/2015 16:14:09] Tom Galanis: How long do your clients tend to last?
[18/09/2015 16:15:00] Gambling Traffic: recently with Prime gambing last July
[18/09/2015 16:15:19] Gambling Traffic: and we are going to test with 888 this months too
[18/09/2015 16:15:32] Gambling Traffic: Creative is not ready for 888
[18/09/2015 16:15:32] Gambling Traffic: now
[18/09/2015 16:15:47] Tom Galanis: You want to get them going – once they start, they may not stop
[18/09/2015 16:16:12] Tom Galanis: Well there’s several scenarios we can look at
[18/09/2015 16:16:32] Tom Galanis: I’ve got clients who would chew you off for the right price
[18/09/2015 16:16:37] Tom Galanis: So how much are we talking?
[18/09/2015 16:16:44] Gambling Traffic: you want to check i dont have any problem
[18/09/2015 16:17:12] Gambling Traffic: because we are maintaing our relationship with client not money
[18/09/2015 16:17:20] Tom Galanis: I’m sure you’re negative, but we’ll look to protect ourselves without a doubt
[18/09/2015 16:17:34] Gambling Traffic: we want to work with long terms relationship
[18/09/2015 16:17:38] Gambling Traffic: not one time
[18/09/2015 16:17:53] Tom Galanis: I’m all about that sort of commitment
[18/09/2015 16:17:55] Gambling Traffic: NP

[18/09/2015 16:18:07] Gambling Traffic: I understand that
[18/09/2015 16:18:20] Gambling Traffic: can i see your landing page?
[18/09/2015 16:18:34] Tom Galanis: That’s a bit forward
[18/09/2015 16:18:42] Tom Galanis: Hang on
[18/09/2015 16:20:41] Tom Galanis: