Sports Affiliate Management

With vast experience working for sports betting luminaries, bet365 and Victor Chandler, TAG Media is ideally positioned to drive your sports betting affiliate program forward. For a full list of the services we can offer to new and existing sportsbook affiliate programs, please click HERE.

Undoubtedly, sports betting does not hold as big a space in the affiliate market as casino or poker. This has a lot to do with known smaller player values in the sports betting market, prompting affiliates to concentrate on sending traffic down more profitable channels. But that isn’t to say that the affiliate market cannot be as lucrative for operators. With events like the 2018 World Cup on the horizon, there is the opportunity for any sportsbook to find traction in a new market and TAG Media is ideally placed to capitalise on this for you.

Sports betting affiliates come in various different guises, whether it be the more renowned Odds Comparison sites, such as or, free bet offer sites, event specific sites, such as those focusing on the Cheltenham Festival or the Premier League, or tipster sites and forums such as All of these aim to provide visitors with plenty of value and arguably do more to contribute to a punter’s decision than the bookmaker’s site itself. This is not the case with casino and poker, and this goes a long way to understand why there are fewer affiliate sites around. Many bookmakers consider the information found on affiliate portals to add to their risk and they fail to back their trading teams on their already challenged margins.

TAG Media seeks to break down this element of risk by building affiliate programs that serve to educate sports bettors, to encourage them deposit and bet more, whilst providing sportsbooks with an internal understanding and framework to ensure that their margins are not diminished. This works perfectly with regard to new betting trends that are emerging across the world, as Asian Handicap betting spreads its wings and betting markets such as American Football and Novelty market betting are gaining in popularity.

As such, we partner with the world’s leading sports betting affiliates and focus our attention on those who provide sports punters with true value and a visitor experience that will enhance their betting patterns and encourage players to try new things. We encourage our affiliate network not to simply compete on price and this will lead to the affiliate market in the sports betting industry growing significantly over the coming years.


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