Poker Affiliate Management

Once you’ve made the decision to set up your own Poker Room, picked out a software partner of choice, chosen your payment providers and been granted a license, your main concern is going to be building liquidity within the network you’ve joined.

An immediate question I tend to pose to brand new poker rooms is, what kind of player are you chasing? All too often the answer is: each and every… or any… or British… or American. Poker rooms have so few points of differentiation to stand out from others on the network that they simply end up competing avidly on price to get hold of any player seeking value. This has sparked considerable debate on the merits and the future of schemes such as Rakeback. To read my thoughts on the subject, check this Rakeback Blog out and the subsequent discussions on it at Bill’s Poker Blog.

Poker rooms need to set out from the very start with a specific target market in mind and stick to it as much as possible. TAG Media has significant experience in working with poker affiliates to bring in the right kind of player for poker rooms, as well as understanding and harnessing the cross selling process from casinos and sportsbooks and how to manage this awkward process efficiently.

We will analyse your brand, domain portfolio and network ‘position’ and suggest an appropriate audience for you to market successfully to in order to develop an affiliate program and a sustainable business that will grow and grow in years to come. Getting this right is critical for poker rooms if they seek to avoid cannibalisation of their networks and seeing their players eaten alive by the big boys.

Picking your affiliates wisely and working with the best poker affiliates within that network to construct your desired database of players is crucial if you hope to meet your targets. Sure brand marketing on a big scale will help get your name out there, but leave this massive expense to the likes of Pokerstars and Full Tilt for the time being and work with us to get your affiliate marketing model right first!


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