Random Cammer adds me to Skype

[09/12/2014 13:43:16] cozy.skirt8: are you online
[09/12/2014 13:43:24] Tom Galanis: Tom Galanis has shared contact details with cozy skirt.
[09/12/2014 13:43:47] cozy skirt: hey
[09/12/2014 13:45:07] Tom Galanis: hi
[09/12/2014 13:45:28] cozy skirt: hey.., how are u?
[09/12/2014 13:45:41] Tom Galanis: good – you? Do I know you?
[09/12/2014 13:46:09] cozy skirt: well im trying out thongs, you sound nice lets have sum fun…
[09/12/2014 13:46:40] Tom Galanis: Bit forward. How do I sound nice, you just added me?
[09/12/2014 13:46:45] Tom Galanis: I am actually psychotic
[09/12/2014 13:47:12] cozy skirt: my camera is turned on.. . wanna take a peek? Ill show you but dont tell any one, ok?
[09/12/2014 13:47:27] Tom Galanis: take a peek at what?
[09/12/2014 13:47:42] Tom Galanis: It’s dangerous letting people you don’t know look at your camera
[09/12/2014 13:47:55] Tom Galanis: I can use it to hack in to your hard drive whenever I like
[09/12/2014 13:47:57] cozy skirt: im going to give you a cam invite, all ya have to do is Accept, ill show u
[09/12/2014 13:48:04] Tom Galanis: You wouldn’t want that
[09/12/2014 13:48:15] Tom Galanis: I could put anything I want in there… dodgy photos and what not
[09/12/2014 13:48:27] Tom Galanis: Risky business
[09/12/2014 13:48:30] cozy skirt: you don’t need a cam to see me 😉 im basically naked right now, my nipples are soo hard
[09/12/2014 13:48:50] Tom Galanis: I can get your a refund on your PPI
[09/12/2014 13:49:20] cozy skirt: this is me go here http://bit.ly/1zkyP4X and click on join (Accept invite)
[09/12/2014 13:49:23] Tom Galanis: You should update your URL tracking system
[09/12/2014 13:49:48] Tom Galanis: I clicked the link. I’m currently uploading a trojan virus to your computer which will replace any face or body part you display on your webcam with a photo of Jimmy Savile
[09/12/2014 13:49:54] cozy skirt: its 100% free, it’s just for age verification reasons.. keeps the children out. hehe
[09/12/2014 13:50:18] Tom Galanis: Yeah, sadly for you I’ve just rerouted my IP through the local primary school
[09/12/2014 13:50:25] Tom Galanis: So that’s you fucked
[09/12/2014 13:50:29] Tom Galanis: And not in the way you want
[09/12/2014 13:50:40] Tom Galanis: Selling sex to kids is bad news
[09/12/2014 13:50:50] cozy skirt: just get ur login when you clic Accept Invite here http://bit.ly/1zkyP4X , hurry im wearing no panties.. im so hot
[09/12/2014 13:51:03] Tom Galanis: Maybe turn the aircon on
[09/12/2014 13:51:37] cozy skirt: ok once you are in my cam room go 2 private with me so we can chat just me and you
[09/12/2014 13:52:09] Tom Galanis: Yeah, it’s just a shame for you that it’s not just me though isn’t it
[09/12/2014 13:52:50] Tom Galanis: You know, for the number of times you must have to do this in a day, you could actually bring some good to the world
[09/12/2014 13:53:14] Tom Galanis: It’s fucking tragic


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