Calling Sports Betting Affiliates – World Cup Tipster Application to use

Tell Gaming, the forward thinking online gaming operation has just launched a World Cup tipster competition called Liga Football.

I feel the competition provides a great opportunity for affiliates to generate not only fly-by visitors, but repeat visits to their sites over the course of the World Cup. If you visit, please take a look through what the concept is all about in general and then consider the opportunity of running your own league, with prize money fronted up by Tell Gaming (minimum €100 to use as you wish – this can be increased once discussed).

If you run a forum, it’s a great opportunity to have a tool for your punters to compete for a prize pool. If you run a search traffic driven portal, running this on your site is going to significantly increase your chance of repeat visits, bookmarkings and future loyalty to go alongside the great content you no doubt produce and plan to produce over the World Cup and it’s fantastic if you’re a social media focused affiliate, as it certainly provides a strong platform for conversation. We are also prepared to run leaderboards for every affiliate who promotes Liga Football, adding to the social aspect that most other World Cup advertising falls short of.

Tell Gaming use the Oddsmatrix sports betting platform and are relatively new to market, meaning that not only will your visitors be entering the tipster competition, by default, they will also be opening a brand new betting account, and depositing funds within it, of which you will earn your revenue share. Entrants pay for entry and must also make a minimum deposit – totalling about €20 in total.

Beyond that, Tell Gaming has been built on the logic of rewarding both players and affiliates with shares in the business. The more you bring, the more ownership units you own – and this is on top of your revenue share package – just name your price – we can be pretty flexible here.

I see this as being great value for money, and whilst you may have much of your ad space filled for the World Cup, this will provide your visitors with genuine value, and give you the value in terms of repeat visits, ownership and revenue. Down the line, the plan is to run Liga Football throughout the upcoming football season and beyond, so this is a tool that will provide you revenue for longer, increasing player values and lifetimes.

If this appeals to you, please, get in touch! If you’re ready to join the affiliate program, please click HERE


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