Affiliate Whizz-Kid

To continue on my trend of not-so-wise igaming affiliates, these questions were posed to a dome-headed friend of mine by an affiliate seeking answers to his affiliate program’s terms and conditions. This guy goes well beyond the realms of negative carryover, of lifetime value and of payment dates. Yes, this guy goes for the very heart of the issue, the crux that ensures webmaster earnings, the million dollar question that so many hard working affiliates have been toiling away to discover for over a decade. If Spielberg and Lucas wanted to make a fifth Indiana Jones film, they should pass over Harrison Ford for their ingenius, adventure hungry hero in favour of this guy. If God was looking to send a Messiah to save iGaming in its hour of need, surely we’ve found him. Round up your gold, frankincense and myrrh. Christmas has come early!

And so I quote:

Hi There. I’m about to sign up for your program but I have a few questions first. Are my commissions based on whether a player wins or looses (sic.)? If a player looses (sic.) does my commission decrease? Does it ever go into a negitve (sic.) amount? Also are there any tools for affiliates such as banners or tickers we can place on our websites?

Can we give this guy an FBI Award for Services to iGaming?

Poker’s Black Friday – Remind you of something?

So iGaming has had its Black Friday. About time I say. The bottom line is, this should have happened four and a half years ago. Pokerstars, Full Tilt and Absolute Poker are but a few of the operations flaunting the UIGEA regulation, continually angering the US federal authorities. It seems, finally, that the FBI have finally found the backbone on the wet kipper these poker operations have been slapping around their faces for such a long time now.

The fact remains that outlawing online gambling is, on the whole, an unpopular decision amongst US voters. Sure, there is certainly a large school of thought against gambling and its voice is significantly more powerful than those wanting to throw their money into online poker and casino betting, but it is certainly smaller in number.

Playing or offering online poker and, more widely, online gambling is not a crime in my eyes, or in the eyes of the vast majority. For some, it is a problem and that needs to be handled with respect, and perhaps Pokerstars, Full Tilt and Absolute Poker have been lacking that in abundance over the past four and a half years. Before I set sail properly on the analogy I wish to make, I do not wish to imply that the actions of Messrs Scheinberg, Bitar, Burtnick, Tom and Beckley are akin to those of a mob. They are simply businessmen who have been successfully finding loopholes in regulation to provide entertainment to people who are crying out for it – notwithstanding the rewards they have each individually accrued as a result.

On with this analogy. The following ditty was recounted by Edward, Prince of Wales to his father, King George V, in 1919 and refers to Americans popping over the border to Canada during the prohibition era:

“Four and twenty Yankees, feeling very dry,
Went across the border to get a drink of rye.
When the rye was opened, the Yanks began to sing,
“God bless America, but God save the King!”

Pretty much sums up how things have been for American gamblers these past four years, though I doubt Prince Charles or his mother would risk laying claim to Full Tilt’s Irish headquarters and may even get a few frowns from the Isle of Man.

The late 1920s saw the era of alcoholic prohibition in the United States become more heavily enforced. The more it was enforced, the harder the criminal underworld rebelled against it to turn an even greater profit. The public popularity behind their work to keep speakeasies open was huge and contempt for the ban on alcohol grew. Eventually, President Roosevelt caved in to popular opinion, in a time where financial depression was rife, and repealed the Volstead Act during his First Hundred Days in tandem with his New Deal reforms.

Roosevelt’s New Deal for the American people quite simply would not have worked had he not repealed prohibition. It gained him crucial support in the cities and allowed him leeway on increasing taxes to aid the economic recovery. (A message for Mr Obama as election time looms, I wonder…). By this point, the prohibitionist movement had all but died out and its efforts to rid the nation of the ills of alcohol had been deemed a failure. That said, a legacy of the movement’s efforts, wanted or unwanted, was put in place.

One part of this legacy was the need alcohol marketeers had to attract new clients. One notable group of new drinkers were women. Those who were not in support of prohibition could drink in the new semi-public environment of speakeasies. This was a result of the masculinity of drinking being reduced as a result of the saloon dying out and the norm of women drinking in public was much more acceptable.

Heavy drinkers and alcoholics were among the most affected parties during prohibition. Those who were determined to find liquor could still do so, but those who saw their drinking habits as destructive typically had difficulty in finding the help they sought. The self-help societies had withered away along with the alcohol industry and in 1935 a new self-help group was founded: Alcoholics Anonymous.

In effect, prohibition had widened the market for alcoholic drinks, but had at the same time been responsible for the founding of one of the most successful self-help organisations the world has ever seen. Lessons to be learned here, if and when online gambling becomes regulated in the United States – there can be a happy marriage between those wanting and those not wanting gambling to be legitimised.

Once the decision to repeal prohibition had been made, Roosevelt’s government simply could not let off those who had profited from flaunting prohibition. The feds continued to pursue the likes of Al Capone and Bugs Moran until finally building a strong enough legal case to bring them down, in 1931 and 1946 respectively. Their struggle was finding those who were willing to testify against them. In 2011, they found their man to bring down those responsible for flaunting UIGEA in the shape of Daniel Tzvetkoff.

So, nearly 80 years on, have we reached a focal point in the historical acceptance of online gambling, and a point at which enough scapegoats have been made and brought to account for us all to move on with enjoying the entertainment pastime that is gambling online? I guess that is the multi-billion dollar question. I wonder if online poker might form part of an Obama-style New Deal during his forthcoming election campaign…

Amusing Skype Convo with Affiliate

[14:45:54] Tom Galanis: I can offer you 50% for the first 3 months
[14:46:04] Tom Galanis: at which point we can revisit it
[14:46:29] Mr X: not interested revenue share deals for main page.
[14:46:31] Tom Galanis: our standard is 30-50%
[14:46:38] Mr X: I dont know about the conversion
[14:46:52] Tom Galanis: I don’t know about the traffic 😉
[14:47:19] Tom Galanis: what deals are you interested in?
[14:47:47] Mr X: main page +$350 CPA
[14:47:54] Mr X: for casino page $300 CPA starting
[14:48:47] Tom Galanis: what kind of CPA release are you looking for?
[14:49:22] Mr X: $50 deposit like with another brands.
[14:49:41] Tom Galanis: I have to say that’s probably not workable
[14:50:01] Mr X: Yes I understand.
[14:50:02] Tom Galanis: what is your traffic source?
[14:50:44] Mr X: website, affiliates and google
[14:51:06] Tom Galanis: so you do PPC?
[14:51:32] Mr X: we have hired 1 company to do it for us
[14:51:44] Tom Galanis: so which words are you targeting?
[14:54:31] Mr X: Slot bonus, BankRoll, bankrollking, slot deposit bonus
[15:03:44] Tom Galanis: those don’t seem to be particularly popular search terms… slot bonus gets 27,100 searches every month, which is the equivalent to the search for “My Left Foot”. Surely with a $350 CPA you should be competing for more visible terms?
[15:04:28] Mr X: look next week when Alexa will update medium sites
[15:04:41] Mr X: and get back to me if you are interested.
[15:05:59] Tom Galanis: Look forward to it

Sponsor Me – Scumrun 2011

Around a year ago, I was marooned in Amsterdam with a load of industry peeps, drowning our ash cloud ‘misery’ in the Euro Pub on Dam Square. Shortly after BodogBecky accidentally dispensed of a €15 glass of red all over the only jacket and jeans combo I’d packed for my scheduled 1-day visit, we were set upon by a 50 strong, fancy-dressed clad army of bumblebees, cheerleaders, pimps and the Scoobie Doo team.

As one of a handful of Brits attending CAC2010 surrounded by more cultured Scandinavians and Israelis, I immediately thought British Stag Party/Hen Do and was preparing my defense.

(Un)Fortunately, it was quickly established that this group wasn’t keen on kidnapping BodogBecky and were actually participating in the televised Scumrun, an old-banger rally across Europe raising money for a fantastic cause. Given that we were all stranded, there were Austrians, Swedes, Danes and Israelis bartering like you wouldn’t believe for lifts back home. Alas, I don’t believe anyone actually caught a ride home in the Scooby Doo van, but it did inspire me to give it a go the following year.

As such, a few friends and I are taking a 1995 Vauxhall Omega clad in police livery across Europe hoping to complete 3000 miles in 4 days and avoid the expensive Euro Pub to raise money for a fantastic charity, Dreams Come True. Take a look at the charity because they are doing amazing things to make the dreams of seriously and terminally ill children come true.

We admit that cruising around Europe bumping into iGaming types in Amsterdam isn’t the most arduous task, so if you sponsor us, you’ll be adding to a kitty that will not only bring magic moments to really ill children, but will also forcing some horrendous challenges on me and my mates, including waxing (those who know me realise this is a big task), skydiving, bungee jumping and swimming with sharks – all things I’m in no real hurry to try.

I urge you to part with some of your hard-earned affiliate earnings this month and help a truly fantastic cause. If you’re interested in finding out more about the charity, please visit and if you’d like to sponsor us (I believe this can be done from any country in the world), please visit our Sponsorship Page.

I would be immensely grateful for any help you can give